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Developer SDK

Hashed Network is open-source and permissionless. The composable functionality allows developers to quickly build applications.

SDK Features

  • Flexible authentication methods

    • Full self-custody Signer, compatible with all Substrate wallets,
    • API-driven option, or
    • ‘Sign with Google’ for experimenters or web3-curious.
  • Configurable and programmable integrations that connect directly to asset management and payment networks:

    • Natively: Bitcoin, Polkadot-based (Statemint) assets, and USD via ACH/banking integrations such as Wyre
    • Custodial: Many digital assets via partnership with Commercium Bank
  • Business pallets with support for spending policy engines, role-based access control, and on-chain accounting.

  • End-to-end file and data storage with peer and group sharing.

  • “Bring-Your-Own-Regulation” functionality to build and operate marketplaces for real world and digital assets.

  • Excellent documentation and open source portal UI application to serve as a white-label template.

  • WASM-based runtime provides the horse-power for the industrial-grade Network.

  • Deploy WASM smart contracts.

  • Integrate with other parachains via XCM.

  • Remove fees from user friction with the new user HASH faucet gated with SMS or application-level Sybil protection; secured by chain governance. Every new user gets at least one free account and an allowance for transactions.

  • Easy-to-integrate hooks for web2 applications, API access