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2023 Road Map

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Max Gravitt

2023 Road Map Q1

- Phase 2 of Bitcoin Orchestration
- Attach multiple `xpubs` to a Substrate account
- Proof-of-reserves reporting
- 'Sign with Google' direct in browser

- Signer mobile app (Hancock) prototype, including porting the below libraries to Substrate:
- `substrate-signing-request`, or `ssr://`
- `anchor-link`
- `anchor-link-browser-transport`
- `buoy-server`
- `buoy-client`

- Initial release of the `fund-admin` and `marketplace` protocols
- Support the release of partner dapps (PRXY, Afloat)

- Phase 3 of Bitcoin Orchestration
- Visual spend policy builder for bitcoin orchestration
- Schnorr key aggregation
- UTXO spending policy and metadata sharing

- Hancock ALPHA

- Phase 4 of Bitcoin Orchestration
- Signature request push notifications

- Hancock BETA
- Add bitcoin signing
- Improve user onboarding and key backup/recovery

- Expand `fund-admin` protocol and `marketplace` protocols

Q4 and beyond
- Hancock v1 Release
- More abstracted components to be used as core business processes
- Accounting
- Supply Chain
- Invoicing