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MoneScript Integration

MoneScript is a double-entry plain-text accounting system that works in your browser. Monescript is a server-less application, all the calculations are performed locally in your browser window without any data leaving your computer.

Github Repository: MoneScript BTC

Journal Syntax

  • Transaction format:
    • YYYY-MM-DD date format
    • BTC currency
    • simple arithmetic value expressions (+, -, *, /)
  • Comments prefixed with ';' or '#'
  • Bucket Command
  • tag names

Sample MoneScript Journal File

2021-10-11 * Sent to Bob - Deposit                   ; 6595a1894cc976937ddeff4d111df9edf603040008e49d41cedbbc6081f08592
Assets:Bitcoin Vaults:Hot BTC-0.10954338 ; bc1qjymg5ggxetpcu9sl2ugdmvkple86n2cqfanhde

2021-10-13 * Sent to Bob - Project Kickoff ; e8db07fba6dcf5d33dae093930f7504035ce7ad35473fbf7efc74fe5c4612246
Assets:Bitcoin Vaults:Hot BTC-2.94966474 ; bc1qjymg5ggxetpcu9sl2ugdmvkple86n2cqfanhde

2021-10-14 * Sent to Charlie to pay Invoice 992 ; d4b977ec4a522e648ddd2e4735a4f4bff32209fa0d2175a8ac5cb20d43bafa28
Assets:Bitcoin Vaults:Hot BTC-0.13835373 ; 19Ne2oXRWtWJcKPu8dbbBwDqJqjCJUqpPQ


Tools used


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Execute Yarn or Npm to install all the dependencies
  3. Install Browserify
  4. Execute the following command to create the file to process the Journal
    yarn build-grammar
  5. Execute the following command to compile the Vue UI and bundle the application, this is ready to deploy in a server using the .html
    yarn uib
  6. Execute the following command to open the application
    yarn start

Tutorial & Example

The user interface


Open Tab Here you can upload your Journal File [.journal or .txt]

Transactions Tab Here you will see the Graphs after upload the journal file


Click on the open tab to load your Journal


Once loaded the data you will see something like this. In the following image you can see the Graphs using the Tabs of Monthly Chart & Weekly Chart.


Monthly Chart image17

Weekly Chart image18

The UI provides many filters to use.


  • Expenses [Button red]
  • Incomes [Button green]
  • Month Selector
  • Payee
  • Tag image16

Table Section

The table reacts to changes when you change between expenses, incomes and assets, and you can see with details the information for each entry in the Journal. This table has the columns date, Amount, Payee and the Account

Expenses image17 Incomes image18